Science asks you to travel more

Back in the days, if people were ill owing to their mundane lifestyle, the often recommended treatment would be taking a vacation. What they really meant was to travel a bit and get some fresh air. Going on the yacht seemed to be a romantic little getaway. Vacations may seem luxury these days, due to changing economies in tourist destinations. Nevertheless, according to science, travelling is good for you. There are some strong arguments going in its favor. But by no means have we recommended a nomadic lifestyle. You just need a couple of vacations on a yearly basis to take off the entire vented up stress.

Travel eliminates stress

Firstly travelling relieves you off everyday stress. A short trip to your favorite destination that’s 100 miles far brings a lasting calm for least a couple of months. Travellers have improved ability to deal with day to day stress. Studies conducted by the American Physiological Association attest to that. It makes sources of anxiety and depression indifferent to our lifestyle. According to most Quora answers travellers are considered to be amazing dates for men and women. Any job that involves a lot of luxurious travelling is looked upon as glamorous.

Trips make you happy and creative

People are happiest when a trip is coming up. People enjoy planning itinerary for future tours. It’s an experience in itself, besides the actual trip. It populates your life with positive vibes, when you know a trip is right around the corner. Some people even like watching road trip movies. It’s no wonder why we have so many biker groups around the world. Another thing to note is frequent travelling makes you creative. Traveling helps overcome artist’s block. That’s the best thing science about travelling has to offer. Moreover, unsuspecting artist find the best of inspirations while travelling.

Improves cardio health

Risks of heart attack are averted. So many busy-bee workaholics of today suffer from bad heart health. Travels actually make your heart healthy. It helps at an emotional as well as physical level. People who take vacation or trips every half a decade have much lower chances of developing health problems. This condition is profound in case of women of middling ages. The simple science behind it is people who travel enjoy a much active lifestyle than people spending most time on a chair. The white collar employees or the executives need their pleasure trips more often than anyone else.

Experiential health matters

You don’t need science to tell you material wealth is everything. Still, a 2010 Cornell study suggests happiness coming from experiences that grows on you. The satisfaction you get from acquiring material wealth wears thin with time. Buying your dream car or private jet brings a bit of both. Experiences are the type of wealth that stays with you till your memory is intact. It’s something a person takes to the grave. It helps connect with each other and brings a sense of harmony. Often you have people who share the same memories with you.

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